The digital cooperative

The butcher's trade thrives on cooperatives and has been characterised by the local presence of its members for decades. Taking this tradition and turning it into a digital business model is a challenge where ganztags. plays to its strengths. In 2019, the Gilde Shop was born, making it possible for meat cooperatives to tap into new markets online.

For all the store’s divisions and shopping worlds, we’re creating content which is optimised for search engines, building landing pages and ensuring an efficient page structure.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, the Gilde Shop has increased its sales by 159% and is now considered an established player in the field of meat processing equipment. Within three years, the domain’s visibility in search engines has increased by a whopping 431%.

With its comprehensive expertise, ganztags. played a significant role in enabling the members of Gilde Versandshop eG as well as butchers' cooperatives from Germany and Austria to successfully offer their product portfolio online.
Nadine Bücking
Online Marketing Managerin

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