About the Cooperation

For Meltwater, ganztags. is like an extra right hand. When it comes to their online marketing strategy, we’re present on every level: from SEO, content creation, performance marketing, web analytics/tracking to web development.

One focus is on a global SEO/content strategy, which is simultaneously executed in several languages and aligned with the respective target market. This is how we ensure demonstrably good rankings, from Australia over Finland to the USA. The result: Since 2016, Meltwater has expanded its presence in search engines worldwide, positioning itself as a **thought leader** in strategic online marketing issues. The numbers speak for themselves: 40% more traffic and 35% more conversions.

We have now been working with the digital agency ganztags. for 7 years and have expanded our cooperation in recent years due to the great success in various areas and for international markets. The ganztags. team supports us in our online marketing in the area of SEO strategy, PPC, content, tracking and reporting. 2 years ago ganztags. helped us launch our new website and ever since, the agency also takes over the website development tasks for us. The ganztags. team has become a highly valued part of the Meltwater marketing team.
Angela Wiesenmüller
VP Global Demand Generation

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