WashTec AG

A successful model on a digital growth path

WashTec is the world market leader in the car wash sector. The Augsburg-based group is defending this position online as well. Their current marketing strategy is focussing on providing sustainable and automated car wash solutions. For more than 6 years, ganztags. has been supporting WashTec in search engine optimisation and ensuring optimal findability of content tailored to specific target groups, for example through a keyword-based blog strategy. We’re also consulting WashTec regarding tracking & cookies, while making sure that the acquired data always provides valuable insights.

ganztags. drives our business forward and always achieves success efficiently with state-of-the-art solutions. We’re very happy and satisfied to have found such a strong partner.
WashTec AG
WashTec AG
Thomas Brenner
Head of Global Marketing & CRM

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