Our work focuses on generating qualified leads through B2B online marketing activities.

In the beginning of every project, we evaluate the current state of your online presence, analyse your competitors, identify the available potentials, and set goals together. With jointly set key performance indicators, the success of ganztags. is measured and our work becomes transparent.

On this basis, ganztags. plans a strategy that meets your needs and can be quickly put into practice. We not only deliver concepts, we implement them—fulfilling our promises to you.

Search engine optimization


Make your company visible where potential clients are searching for you and drive your competitors out.

If you want to increase the visibility of your website, you simply cannot ignore SEO. The goal: rank in search engines according to relevant search queries by your target audience. We analyse what your clients search for and make sure that your website consistently stays at the top in Google and other search engines. As a result, your business is quickly found, gains more traffic, and your services and products generate more turnover.


Actively manage your website traffic and be quickly informed about the achieved results with a concrete ROI.

Search Engine Advertising perfectly complements Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Paid ads are placed in the Google advertising network, immediately increasing the visibility of your website on the paid search result list. We'll make a deeper impact as we precisely measure the success of the ads with continuous optimization. From keyword analysis, customized offers for specific devices and age groups to shopping and/or remarketing campaigns—Our budget is always spent wisely and in accordance with your interests. All campaigns are constantly measured and optimized ensuring that no money is wasted.

Search engine marketing


In an information-driven world, it's essential that you find your unique voice:
We write your online content, from start to finish.

Together we set up a content strategy which will resonate with your audience, guaranteed. At the same time we make sure that each text is optimized for search engines, can be found by your potential clients and effectively targets their rational as well as emotional needs. Whether corporate blogs, eCommerce shops or landing pages – we take content marketing to the next level and make it an essential part of your business success.


Never optimize your website for the management. Do it for your clients, and you'll increase your revenue without spending too much on advertising.

If numerous website visitors don't lead to sufficient sales, ganztags. optimizes it so visitors convert to clients. This transformation starts with user navigation and extends down to every last detail like choosing the color of your buttons. We help you permanently increase conversions by identifying your website’s weaknesses and improving its usability. Our team tests alternative layouts, wordings, click paths and analyzes the results, discusses them with you, develops a concept to improve the conversion rate, implements it … and then tests it again.

Conversion rate optimization


To understand where your users come from, where they’re going, and how they’re interacting with your digital offer is a fundamental part of any online marketing strategy.

How many visitors have converted into buyers? How many sales have I generated through paid channels? Are my campaigns profitable? Am I losing users during the payment process? How is my traffic performing on a year-to-year basis? Fact is, you can only improve what you measure. However, there are numerous legal restrictions and requirements which – if disregarded – can lead to fines. Users must not only be actively informed about the use of tracking tools, they must also agree to them. The mere cookie notice is rarely enough.
We create a tracking concept for you and make sure the integration is compliant with data protection laws. We manage your tracking tools, integrate cookie management solutions and measure user-defined interactions, enabling you to actively control your marketing efforts.


A website has to be functional. However, this doesn't mean the aesthetic aspect should be ignored.

The design should always serve the customer. It is based on layout decisions you have made while creating the website—it should be fresh and personal, your calling card. Nevertheless, your customers need to encounter familiarity to confidently navigate. If they've customarily clicked on a disc symbol to save, keeping that staple may prove successful. We create the perfect mix of old and new by combining your ideas, colors, and fonts with familiar symbols. This way, the result is unique. Guaranteed.

Technical Development

Technical Development

The prettiest website and the best SEO & SEA concepts are irrelevant without the right technology.

With ganztags., nothing is lost in translation. Our developers work closely with the online marketing managers, exchanging thoughts and ideas for every project. Consequently, the technical and content development go hand in hand. This not only improves the usability of your website—the computer understands it as well. We use established programming languages, ensure a sustainable foundation for your website, and prevent scenarios that would require frequent rebuilds, thus saving you time and resources.

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