The main focus of our work lies in generating qualified leads through the use of online marketing tools in the B2B field

At the beginning of each project, we take a closer look and evaluate the current state of your online presence, analyze your competitors and research your existing potential, as well as devize corresponding goals with you. On the basis of these jointly produced key performance indicators, the achievements and challenges in ganztags’ work are measurable and transparent.

With this as a foundation, we plan a needs-based strategy that can be implemented as quickly as possible with the help of our concept papers. We not only want to deliver strategies, but we also aim to implement them. After all, that’s what we have been hired to do.

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Put your business where your potential customers can find you while simultaneously replacing your competitors.

Search engine optimizationIf the visibility of your website needs to be increased, there is no way around SEO. The goal is to appear in search results based on relevant keywords from your target groups. With the right know-how, we find out what your customers seek and ensure that you are prioritized in searches through Google and other platforms. This will make your website easier to find, more frequently visited and strengthen the sales of your products and services.

Search engine optimization
Search engine marketing


Actively manage the flow of visitors to your site and get short term results with a concrete ROI.

Search engine marketingSearch engine advertising acts as a perfect complement to optimization. This is mainly through paid ads in the Google advertising network, which will instantly guarantee greater visibility to your website in paid search results–especially as success rates are measurable and are continuously optimized by us. Beginning with keywords and offers for specific platforms or age groups, all the way up to shopping and remarketing campaigns, we will use the budget to support your best interests. All campaigns are subject to continuous assessment and optimization, to ensure that not a single dollar is wasted.

Conversion rate optimization

Optimize your site for your customer, not your management and get more sales for the same advertising investment.

Conversion rate optimizationIf a lot of visitors doesn’t lead to corresponding sales or leads, we will optimize your website so that it better addresses the interest of the customer. This starts with user guidance and extends even to even minor details like color choice for click-through buttons. We help you to increase your conversion numbers permanently by tackling problem areas and improving usability. We test alternative layouts, texts and navigation paths and assess the results, discuss them with you, and then formulate a strategy for improving conversion rates to be implemented directly...and then start testing it all over again.

Conversion rate optimization


Websites need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean aesthetics should fall by the wayside.

DesignThe design is always primarily for the customer. So it makes sense that layout choices which are made when creating the website must be fresh and personal, as they are your calling card. However, the customer should also see familiar aspects, for example we all still click on the disc symbol to save. We know the right mix of old and new, and bring your ideas, colors and texts together with common iconography to create a unique result.

Technical Development

The most enticing website with the best SEO and SEA strategies won’t help anyone if the technology doesn’t back them up.

Technical DevelopmentWith us, nothing is lost in translation! Our developers sit directly alongside our online marketing managers – they exchange ideas, so that the technical and content development goes hand in hand smoothly. This ensures that the website not only serves your customers well, but that computers understand it. We use established programming languages to create a sustainable foundation for your website and to protect you from having to regularly rebuild the entire site.

Technical Development

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