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What we do

Our work focuses on generating qualified B2B leads through online marketing activities.

A proven concept has to be holistic in its approach. Who says that strategic concepts and operational implementation should work separately? By combining them, we achieve our goals rapidly, in the best way possible, and also cost-effectively.

What sets us apart

From conception through design and implementation, we offer you tailor-made solutions based on your requirements. ganztags. dives into your field of work and identifies with it as your own employees would do.

Eine Mitarbeiterin arbeitet an Ihrem Laptop im Office der ganztags.
Meeting Raum der ganztags. mit großem Tisch und Kundenlogos an der Wand

Who we work with

Our customers are nationally and internationally renowned SMEs and corporations. We do not only see ourselves as a service provider but as the additional employee who is entirely familiar with the subject matter. We dive deep into the project and introduce new perspectives to your company without compromising your core values and strengths.

Our way of working

explains how we meet the needs of our customers.

Get in touch!

Hello ganztags.

My name is {name} and I would like your help with {project title}. Please contact me via {contact details}.

Alternatively, you can write an email directly to*

*We are not reachable by phone for initial inquiries. Following the recent depletion of our fax ribbon, we discarded our phones as well. However, a direct exchange via Meets, Zoom or a similar platform is, of course, not a problem.