About us.

Instead of surface-level work, we offer you solutions tailor-made for your needs from the very start. ganztags. aligns itself with your priorities and works towards them like one of your own employees. Our clients don’t have to wade through various levels of project and product managers. Our team speaks directly 1-on-1 with you. This not only maintains a clear focus, but also prevents unnecessary budget bloat.

Team // Our story // Our tools // Our professional values

Meet the team.

Boglarka Mihaly
Boglarka Mihaly SEO Content Management
Franziska Guddat
Franziska Guddat SEO Content Management
Lars Antrack
Lars Antrack Head of Online Marketing
Part of the Management
Laura Perlitz
Laura Perlitz Online Marketing
Markus Wendling
Markus Wendling Development
Mustafa Kassem
Mustafa Kassem Development
Riccardo Destratis
Riccardo Destratis Paid Advertisement
Sven Eßbach
Sven Eßbach Managing Director

Our story.

The early bird gets the worm! Our founder Sven Essbach was only 11 years old when he built his first website. As a result, he then stepped into e-commerce, and soon saw the numerous opportunities for progress and improvement. As of 2011 he was self-employed and by 2012 the time had come: ganztags. made its first appearance in the world of agencies. The goal was and remains: to unite all the key strengths of a successful website in one company.

And success has shown the concept’s strength: since its first year the company has been profitable. Additionally, the first employees joined the team in the first year. Since then the company has enjoyed sustainable growth and is completely self-financed. Short-term success is not the goal – the company looks to build on these solid foundations and deliver high quality results.

Our tools.

We are confident in our craft and we use our tools to the best results. In our work for you, we use Google Analytics and Google AdWords, as well as Wordpress, PHPStorm, Channable and, of course, MaTelSo. In our everyday work, we are supported by ScreamingFrog, aHrefs and Sistrix. Above all, we approach everything we do with the self-management method of GTD (Getting Things Done). This way we are always as organized as much as possible, so that we use our time in your service efficiently.

Our professional values.

As a young company we are constantly working to improve ourselves. This not only benefits our agency, but also our clients and employees. To keep ourselves in check, we have defined our standards and regularly measure ourselves against them.








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